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Our Expertise

Technology that works for your business
Deploying, maintaining and protecting your technology are challenges in a hostile electronic world. Lider IT helps you lower costs, avoid unexpected problems, communicate more effectively.

We provide IP unified or standard (voip) communication solution such as Avaya and Cisco Call Manager installed in your environment or offered as a service.

Unified Communications

We provide local and wireless network (LAN/WLAN) utilized or not for intranet and extranet access (WAN/MAN) or also to provide access to services on public, private or hybrid cloud network.

We provide management of desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers and others devices used for your business even if they are distributed across branch offices working in domain, standalone mode or using an virtualization infrastruture (VDI).

Endpoint Management

Our convergence vision in IT allows us to perform the complete management of other companies contracted by the customer for the delivery of IT environments required by the technical solution to be implemented such as physical space, electrical charge, air conditioning and security projects.

Project Management
Surveillance Solutions

We provide security projects and devices like IP DVR and Cameras for  audio and video recording of physical access like warehouse or safe area. You monitor online activities via internet or intranet using your smartphone.


Structured Projects

We provide development & implementation of techincal rooms and structured cabling with copper and fiber optics for voice and data networks.

We also provide Field Services for onsite

2nd level to solve problems of infrastructure equipment room, wiring, appliances, servers, network, telephony, security devices and endpoint (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones and peripherals).

Field Services

We provide Service Desk with Quality Control for remote incident response of 1st and 2nd level and also for management of installations, movements, additions and changes (IMACs). For example, incidents can be recorded via a phone call or through a web application available to the client across internet or intranet.

Service Desk
24/7 Service Desk

24x7 management of servers & appliances used for network services implementation like Directory, DNS, DHCP, Messaging & Collaboration, File & Print, Backup, Antivirus, Inventory and ITSM servers as well as other services or business enterprise application installed centralized or across your network. Physical/Virtual/ Cloud servers.

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